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The Types of Therapy We Use at Central Therapy

Central Therapy was built on the idea that every form of therapy is unique and valuable. By bringing together multiple modalities in one central practice, offered by highly-trained clinicians, we can ensure every client receives the therapy they need with the therapist they trust. 

See below to learn more about each of the forms of therapy we currently offer at Central Therapy. To start working with an individual, family, or couples therapist, contact us today!


Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, or CBT, has two elements that make it unique. The first is that CBT treatments are evidence-based. What that means is that all the treatment strategies and skills we use have been tested and proven effective for the very same challenges you’re struggling with. Second, CBT is present-focused and skills based. In other words, our first step is to work with you to identify the impediments that are currently keeping you from living a meaningful aligned with your values and goals. Once these challenges have been identified and better understood, we use CBT principles and protocols to help you learn skills and strategies to overcome those barriers. The ultimate goal? Make you your own therapist!

At Central Therapy, we offer expert Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy in Denville, NJ; Highland Park, NJ; Manhattan, NY; and online in 41 states including New Jersey and New York. 


For therapists who offer CBT, see Dr. Jeremy Lichtman; Aayesha Alvi; and Gitty Gordon.



Dialectical Behavior Therapy

Dialectical Behavior Therapy, or DBT, is a form of CBT. Specifically, DBT marries the solution-focused and skills-oriented strategies of traditional CBT with a focus on dialectics. “Dialectics” refers to the interplay between recognizing the changes you need to make to live a value-laden life with the acceptance of reality as it is. To this end, DBT incorporates a strong mindfulness-oriented approach to help individuals accept reality and thereby reduce suffering. DBT strategies also focus on helping individuals understand the validity of their emotional experience, which encourages the skills and the strength to reduce one’s suffering.

At Central Therapy, we offer expert Dialectical Behavior Therapy in Highland Park, NJ; Manhattan, NY; and online in 41 states including New Jersey and New York. 

For therapists who offer DBT, see Dr. Jeremy Lichtman and Gitty Gordon.



Emotionally Focused Therapy

Emotionally Focused Therapy, or EFT, was originally developed as a couples therapy, but has since been tested and proven to successfully address individual depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress, and to repair family bonds. EFT recognizes that so many of us have learned to move through each day and each human interaction without acknowledging and expressing our deeper emotions, which ultimately leads to unhealthy coping mechanisms, increased anxiety and depression, and less fulfilling relationships. In our sessions, we help you connect with your feelings, allowing you to process them in a space where you will encounter safety, empathy, and zero judgment. Ultimately, you will be able to experience your full range of emotions both in and out of the therapy room, to view yourself with acceptance and compassion, and to begin to trust and connect with others more fully. 

At Central Therapy, we offer expert Emotionally Focused Therapy in Denville, NJ; Highland Park, NJ; and online in New Jersey and New York. 

For therapists who offer EFT, see Simi Lichtman and Aayesha Alvi

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